Are you a person with Diabetes or on the verge of being diagnosed?

Have you ever had high blood pressure or have or are concerned that your blood pressure is creeping up?


Do your joints hurt?

Have you jumped from one diet to the next hoping this will "be the one?"


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Meet Fran Lambert

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Fran Lambert, CMA, AS, BA, CHC - Certified Health and Wellness Coach -  I have been a Personal Trainer for 20+ years and am now a Certified Health Coach.  I specialize in helping people of all ages improve their health by customizing a program to meet their needs we can maximize energy, reduce harmful toxins and increase vitality.

What makes me the expert you say?  Besides being a Certified Health Coach, I truly believe that I’ve had experiences in my life that have provided me with so many valuable lessons.  Many of those lessons have been because of being overweight/obese.  


All of my life I struggled with being overweight and/or obese.  As a child, I was ridiculed for being “big-boned”.  Even though at that time I didn’t have rolls of fat, I was called fat.  This often led to me feeding my feelings which many of you know perpetuates the cycle. Chocolate chip cookies (my Mom made the best) was my go-to.




Restore your gut health and get your metabolism reset.


Realize your potential energy by making small changes.


Eliminate acidic, addictive, inflammatory and allergenic substances one step at a time

Women's Health

Restore your femininity and vitality.

Weight Loss

Find your ideal weight and create a plan to reach it and stay there.


Coping with stress is critical to great health.  I teach you strategies to reduce stress.


“What makes this easy to follow and incorporate into your lifestyle is the different environment.  You take the first step, but the people here bring you back.  There is a sense of camaraderie around here, being all women, we can relate to the same problems and provide motivation to each other.  It is like a family here.  We share stories, tell jokes and have a good time. ”

— Dee

"I didn’t have a ton of weight to loss; however, I was feeling unhealthy.  After 30 days I lost 6.3 pounds and 11.5 inches.  I feel that I have significantly more energy and I’m NOT craving coffee anymore.  Feeling happier overall!  I drank at least 4 cups of coffee a day for the past 25+ years.  It’s amazing I have a feeling of well-being.”  

— Tina

“My wife and I did the 30 Day to Healthy Living program as a team over a year ago.  Our main goal was weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle and lowering my wife’s blood glucose level (the hope is to maintain her glucose level without insulin injections).  The 30 day detox was a lot easier than expected.  Eliminating coffee and adult beverages alone had good results.  There was a lack of cravings and energy levels were much improved.  Weight loss for both of us was a benefit; and we enjoyed the meals we prepared.  The most important part of the program is the help and encouragement you get from Fran.   She was with us through the 30 days helping with meal plans and answering the many questions that came up.  It has been over a year, but we start each day with a protein shake and we also use many of the Arbonne products.  Fran is still here to help whenever we need her.”

— Don


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